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I don't know what the story is behind the name of this 1905 Salad or where the Columbia Restaurant even is but I want to make this salad! ASAP! The recipe immediately caught my eye in last week's Weekend Potluck so I was tickled to see it was the recipe with the most clicks!

And I'm sooooo glad we're featuring the No Bake Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Pie because... errrrmm... well, I might be the only person I know who hasn't tried this pie! I have heard people talk about it for years and I know it's super easy but I've never made it or tried it myself - time to fix that!

I have a serious weakness for danish and stuffed peppers remind me so much of my granddad it makes my heart hurt so I can't wait to check out our two other features as well! Take a look at our four featured recipes from last week then scroll down to see what's new this week!

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Glazed Cherry Cheese Danish by Family Around the Table

No Bake Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Pie by The Kitchen is My Playground

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Stuffed Pepper Casserole by Served Up With Love

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The Country Cook ~ Brandie

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  1. Just an FYI, the Columbia Restaurant is here in Tampa, FL serving authentic Spanish (primarily Cuban) food. The restaurant first opened it's doors in 1905 (originally as a coffee & sandwich shop), hence the name of the 1905 salad! :)
    If you're ever in Tampa, I encourage you to visit the original restaurant in Ybor City (they have since expanded and there are several others around the state).
    And yes, I live in Tampa and have been to the Columbia many times. I was pleasantly surprised to see it featured on your site!

  2. Columbia's 1905 salad is da'Bomb! And the restaurant is well worth the visit, if you're ever in the Ybor City, FL area!
    -Jean ❤

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my glazed cherry cheese danish! It's a new favorite here in my family and I hope you enjoy it too!

  4. There is also a Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida. It really is fantastic, especially with their hot Cuban bread!


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