Hi! I’m Mandy Rivers – Mom, Wife, Employee, Neighbor, Writer, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Southerner aaannnnnd Food Blogger and this is my blog :)

So, what makes me an expert? Well, nothing. I like to cook food and people like to eat it. And occasionally other folks think my recipes are good too and put them in their magazines and cookbooks.

I’m glad you’re here and hope you visit often. And, um… don’t get scared if I call you a ‘hooker’… that’s term of endearment for me.

Because I'm a Southerner, everyone in my life has a nickname. Click here for a guide to some of the characters I often refer to... like my onions (my kids).

Cast Member - America's Best Cook
Food Network
Premier date April 13, 2014

Cookbook Author
South Your Mouth - Tried & True Southern Classics
Quail Ridge Press
Due out October 2014

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Country Woman
Taste of Home
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Charleston Woman
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Aiken Woman

Culinary Background
In college I worked at a bona fide honky tonk in the middle of the deep, deep South. For the most part, if you were tending bar, you were also running the short-order kitchen. It scared the hell out of me at first because I’d had no training and was petrified that I’d screw something up but the awesome thing about drunks is that they are pretty easy to please and they’ll eat anything. Once I got my feet wet in the kitchen, I became very attached to it. The owner eventually gave me free reign and let me start adding my own creations to the menu. It was there that I realized I’d found two of my dearest passions: cooking and feeding people.

I am the child of two foodies. Though we didn’t have the term “foodie” way back when, my folks have always been known among friends and family as good cooks. I’m lucky in that A) I’ve learned traditional Southern cooking from, well, living here but also because B) my mom isn’t a Southerner. Mom (also the daughter of a great cook) is from Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay, and brought to our table foods that most rural Southerners don’t experience on a regular basis.

I love food. I don’t just love eating, I mean I love food and everything about it. I love to read about it, shop for it, research it, cook it and serve it. And thanks to cable television, I’ve learned a lot from chefs like Alton Brown and Michael Chiarello, who teach about the ‘whys’ of things, I’ve learned a lot about technique and the science behind cooking. And thanks to the internet, anytime I’ve had a disaster in the kitchen, I can usually research it and learn why I got the results I did. It’s all been a learning process of trial and error and teaching myself. It still is.

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