Hey there! I'm Mandy Rivers, owner and author of South Your Mouth. I am a self-taught cook and food blogger who's just making my way through this world day-by-day and dish-by-dish.

I've created this site to share my recipes with you! You'll find everything from quick and easy weeknight meals to tried and true Southern classics. And I've sprinkled in just enough humor and disfunction (or is it 'dysfunction'?) to let you know I'm real and flawed and put my pants on one leg at a time just like you :o)

Mandy Rivers of South Your Mouth

Here are some things I've gotten myself into over the last few years!

Food Network
Cast Member - America's Best Cook
April-June 2014

Featured Guest - In the Kitchen with David
May 25, 2014

Featured Guest - In the Kitchen with David
September 7, 2016

South Your Mouth - Tried & True Southern Recipes
Author - Quail Ridge Press
July 2014

South Your Mouth Some More!
Author - Quail Ridge Press
October 2016

South Your Mouth and I have been featured in some pretty cool spots.... here are a few!