September 22, 2016

Get the New Cookbook, What's in it, and Why I love y'all!

Since y’all are my readers – like, the people who actually hang around for the recipes and to hear what crazy shenanigans my crew is up to – I wanted to take a minute to tell you the new cookbook is officially available to buy online now!

But I really wanted to sit down and take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate you. I still sometimes wonder how it’s possible that I have a cookbook – make that two cookbooks!

But it is possible. Because of you.

Y’all are the ones who visit my blog. Y’all are the ones who cook my recipes. Y’all are the ones who bought my first book (so they let me make another one – HOLLA!) Y’all are the ones who comment and email and remind me why I love feeding people so much.

So, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of bare feet to the top of my nappy, curly head.

OK, about this book!

The BEST thing for you are all the NEW recipes in the book that aren’t on the blog! Here’s a sampling of the brand-spankin-new recipes you’ll find in the book that aren’t on the blog:

Southern Heirloom Lane Cake! Get this and hundreds more Southern recipes in the latest cookbook from Mandy Rivers in the South Your Mouth Series, 'South Your Mouth Some More!'
This is the Southern heirloom, Lane Cake.
  • Low Country Hurricane Punch
  • Mama’s Blue Ribbon KahlĂșa Cake
  • Hummingbird Cake
  • Lane Cake
  • Peanut Butter Sheet Cake
  • Chicken Bog for a Crowd (this recipe is my most prized possession!)
  • “Cinnamon Roll” Biscuits
  • Cream Biscuits
  • French Toast Bread Pudding
  • Hoe Cakes
  • Grandma Betty’s Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Lemon Crumb Squares
  • Blackberry Cobbler
  • Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pie
  • Simply Southern Sweet Potato Pie
  • Snickerdoodle Bars
  • Bull’s Eye Roast with Mushroom Gravy (you can put on the dog with this one!)
  • Dawn’s Delicious Grape Salad
  • Mediterranean Orzo Salad
  • Grecian Baked Ziti
  • Pierogi and Sausage Skillet
  • Country Fried Steak with Onion Gravy (one of my all-time favorite foods!)
  • Beer Battered Fish
  • Browned Butter Potato-Crusted Tilapia
  • Crispy Tuna Croquettes
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Marinated Grilled Salmon
  • Perfect Steamed Shrimp
  • Easy Slow Cooker Broccoli Rice Casserole
  • Son-Of-A-Gun Oyster Stew
  • Southern-Style Vegetable Beef Soup

And there are tons of photos and stories too! Here’s a little excerpt from the Blackberry Cobbler:
Nanny lived on a dirt road and had a big ol’ bramble of wild blackberry bushes right by her driveway. She’d send me out with a quart-size mason jar to pick berries whenever she wanted to cook up something sweet. I was taught at a young age to be mindful of snakes in places like that so I wasn’t too alarmed when a baby rattlesnake slithered by my bare foot. Being about 8-years old at the time, I thought he was pretty neat so I scooped him up, tossed him in my mason jar and flew up to the house to show Nanny. Well, Nanny threw me, that jar and the snake off the porch and tried to knock me into next Tuesday with her straw broom. She told me to get back down the drive and get her some blackberries and if I ever tried to bring another serpent into her house she’d cut my behind! I believe she would have too! Ever since that day I can’t help but think of her and smile anytime I see blackberries.
OK, you can order online two ways: on Amazon or at Quail Ridge Press (my publisher). I get a little more of the pie when you buy it straight from QRP but I’m an Amazon Prime member myself so I understand if you’d rather buy the book at Amazon!

Get the latest cookbook from Mandy Rivers in the South Your Mouth Series, 'South Your Mouth Some More!'

Click here to order from Quail Ridge Press (a little better for me)
Click here to order from Amazon (might be better for you and that’s OK with me!)

p.s.... I see that Amazon might be sold out right now because the link says ships in 2-5 weeks (sold out?! YASSSS!) but I know Quail Ridge has books in stock.

Anyway, thank you again for being on this journey with me. I love all y'all to pieces!

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September 19, 2016

Game Day Slow Cooker Bean Dip

It’s football season!! I love this time of year for all the obvious reasons (like, for one, because the weather finally starts cooling off – thank you Jesus!) but also because I LOVE tailgate food and football parties!

I wanted to have something that was better than but just as easy as chips and salsa to go along with everything else I was making for the game and decided to throw some dried beans in the crock pot and see what happened! A packet of taco seasoning and block of cream cheese later I knew I had something extraordinary on my hands!

This makes a big batch too so it’s perfect for entertaining! And the fact that it’s made and served in a slow cooker just screams TAILGATING!

I don’t have any real experience preparing authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex recipes so don’t yell at me if this is sacrilegious but… this tasted so good I decided to serve the leftovers as refried beans the next night and was BLOWN AWAY at how good it was! Seriously, I think the next time I make my Crock Pot Carnitas I’m going to make this and serve as refried beans!

If you can’t find Hurst’s Bacon & Beans Slow Cooker Soup Mix in your local grocery store, ask for them! My grocery store now carries all sorts of products they didn’t have before simply because I asked for them. Just ask the cashier who to talk to to request a product and s/he will point you in the right direction. My store has a list at the Customer Service desk where they notate products their customers' request.

Game Day Slow Cooker Bean Dip | Super easy, big batch recipe perfect for tailgating and parties with just 5 ingredients!

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July 7, 2016

Sausage Breakfast Scramble {Low Carb}

Since I’ve been trying to watch my carbs AND eat breakfast (which has been harder than the low-carb thing since I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater) I started making this sausage scramble. I like to make it on Sunday afternoon, throw it in the fridge then heat up portions for breakfast before heading out to work during the week. It heats up beautifully!

Side note about my mornings... During the summer I drive a different route to work because I don’t have to take the kids to school first. On this route is a small pasture with about a dozen pygmy goats that are always out right by the fence when I drive by. AND THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY! I swear they come down just to see me. I mean, it is impossible to have a bad day when a dozen miniature goats run down to the road to wish you a happy morning! I’ll try to get a picture sometime soon and post it here. Providing the homeowners don’t think I’m mucking with their babies and come spear me in the back with a pitchfork. Until then, here’s a random video of pygmy goats frolicking.

OK, less goats. More breakfast! This is also awesome to make when you have company because it cooks up in one pan and everyone can serve themselves!

Since I started making it I’ve come up with a couple alternatives to change it up a bit! I made the original version for you here but you can also make a Mexican and Italian version too (see recipes below). If you’re not watching carbs or are serving to guests who aren’t, serve with toast, warm soft tortillas or crusty Italian bread!

{Low Carb} Sausage Breakfast Scramble with sausage, eggs and cheese! Recipe also includes variations for Mexican and Italian breakfast scrambles as well.

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