June 29, 2015

Cherry Cheese Danish Bars

Y’all. I did NOT see this coming.

I’m a baseball mom.

A big, loud, green-and-gold-wearing, sweaty, cooler-toting, baseball-pants-scrubbing, whooping, hollering baseball mama.

And I got it bad.

Brutus made the all-star team so we’ve been practicing practically every day and have already played two tournaments (won them both thankyouverymuch and now we’re headed to State – holla!)

We are living, eating and breathing baseball right now. My laundry is piled up, the house is a wreck, I haven’t cooked a good supper in weeks and I might be growing the cure for cancer in my master shower.

I haven’t made y’all anything in weeks! So guess what Mama did? She made these and called me to come take pictures and get the recipe for the blog. I mean seriously, is that awesome or what?!

She’s got it bad too, though. Some grandparents skip games or only show up to make an appearance. My folks are big, loud, green-and-gold-wearing, sweaty, cooler-toting, whooping, hollering baseball grandparents. And they love it!

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Cherry Cheese Danish Bars! Tender butter crumb bars with cherries and cream cheese in the middle. SO GOOD!

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June 10, 2015

Man Bars

If you’re anything like me, every time you hop on your favorite social media sites, you see lots of yummy food pics and recipes. I think I probably see more than the average bear because so many of my buds are food bloggers and foodies in general so I might be somewhat immune to all the food porn. So when something jumps up and grabs my attention, that’s really saying something.

And that’s exactly what happened the other day when these babies popped up in my news feed! My buddy, Kris, from Big Rigs ‘n Lil Cookies posted a photo and I was immediately intrigued. And then when I saw the recipe I was even more interested because I’d never seen anything like it.

At first I thought they were called ‘Man Bars’ because men must like them but now that I’ve made them I think they’re called that because they’re so easy, even a man can make them. HAHA!! Stop. Don’t send me hate mail. I’m kidding. Mostly.

When you make these, try to find good quality, traditional graham crackers (not cinnamon or chocolate flavored) because one of the things I liked most about these was the flavor from the graham crackers. I used walnuts because Husband is so over me putting pecans in everything but I think either would be delicious!

Reasons why these are my favorite right now:
- They’re crazy easy (so easy, a man can make them… taheeeeee)
- They travel well
- They’re not overly sweet (no, seriously, they’re not)
- Everyone I served these to LOVED them
- They’re just so different!

Hey, I just thought of another reason they might be called man bars! Maybe they're so good, if you have them you won't need a man! Oye. I seriously need to stop. My inbox will runneth over.

Man Bars! Crazy easy, unique cookie bars made with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips, cut and rolled in powdered sugar.

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June 2, 2015

All-Star Chicken & Marinade

If y’all follow me on Instagram you might have caught this already but ol’ Brutus made the all-star baseball team! We’re crazy excited! We’ve been practicing like mad so it’s been hard to eat good home-cooked meals and make new stuff for the blog. Since we’re practically living at the ball field now I decided to take the blog to practice :)

We have a really nice ball park which has a huge grill for members. Side note: you know you're in the South when the baseball park has a barbeque grill big enough to cook a hog on. I suggested we have a cookout and everyone pitched in to bring stuff.

I’d concocted this marinade for chicken a month or so ago and we just fell in love with it so I figured it would be great if we marinated chicken thighs in it, grilled them up and made super simple chicken sandwiches. And that’s exactly what we did!

Well, I didn’t do the grilling. I made the marinade and got everything ready and my new buddy, Harry, did the grilling. That’s the thing with all-star baseball. You’re practicing like every day and spending a ton of time with these parents and families and it is SUCH a relief when you all actually end up liking each other and having fun together. Harry’s son, Animal, is on the team too. Yes, almost all the players have nicknames. That’s how we roll down South, y’all. We’ll slap a nickname on you in a skinny minute.

Harry Patterson 
a.k.a. Grill Master Extraordinaire
a.k.a. Animal's Dad
I like using thighs over breasts because you just about can’t overcook them. They stay moist and juicy and have so much more flavor. But since I know somebody’s going to ask anyway, yes, you can use breasts. They just won’t be as good. Hmmph.

You can serve these as-is or make sandwiches with them like we did. I think this is a great alternative to grilling burgers if you have a crowd to feed. The way we served these was just on a plain bun with a drizzle of Cajun White Barbeque Sauce (recipe below). I like a few slices of dill pickle on the bottom too but other than that, this all comes together pretty easily. And unlike with burgers you don't need a wagon load of condiments and extras: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup, etc.

I got distracted and didn’t take a photo of this as a sandwich OR with the Cajun White Barbeque Sauce on top but here’s what the chicken looked like when Harry was done working his magic. And I’d like to go on the record and tell you our third baseman, Cat Daddy ate two of these and told me they were “seriously really delicious good!” That’s a pretty heavy compliment coming from an 8-year old ;)

All-Star Chicken! This marinade comes together quickly with simple ingredients like soy sauce and dijon mustard. Top with Cajun White Barbeque Sauce (recipe included here too)!

All-Star Chicken! This marinade comes together quickly with simple ingredients like soy sauce and dijon mustard. Top with Cajun White Barbeque Sauce (recipe included here too)!

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