May 19, 2015

Buffalo Feathers {Chicken Tenders with Wing Sauce}

So we bought a new grill. Finally. And because I've been without one for so long (and because I know in a month or two it will be too hot to even LOOK at a grill) I've been grilling like a mad woman!

Seriously. It’s almost ridiculous. Deciding which vegetables to buy at the market comes down to one very simple question: can I grill it? The menu for the entire week will revolve around the grill.

I've been keeping chicken tenderloins on-hand to throw on there too because they’re quick and easy for the kids. If I’m grilling something for Husband and myself that I don’t think the onions will necessarily love (or appreciate), I’ll just throw some tenderloins on there for them and everybody’s happy! Because um… I don’t know about y’all but buying an 8-year old a 2-inch thick ribeye ain't really how I roll.

So anyway, I found a big family pack of tenders on sale and grabbed them up! Then I was wondering what in the world to do with that many because I’d never really thought of grilling chicken tenderloins by themselves. Like, just tenders with nothing else. And then I remembered the “buffalo feathers” at Wild Wing Café. They cook chicken tenders then sauce them like chicken wings and instead of calling them buffalo wings, they call them buffalo feathers. Ya know, because they’re kinda shaped like feathers?

Yes, I know buffalo don’t have feathers. You know what else they don’t have? Wings.

My usual wing sauce is basically equal parts hot sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar but I wanted to make these a little more like “buffalo wings”. Typical buffalo wing sauce is mostly melted butter and hot sauce. I sort of combined these two concepts and came up with the recipe below.

And I LOVED IT!! There’s just enough brown sugar in there to balance the acidic pepper sauce without being cloyingly sweet and the soy sauce gives it another layer of flavor. I think I might have found my new favorite wing sauce recipe! FOR REAL! So good!

I wouldn't consider these very spicy. My kids ate them without batting an eye. If I had to rate the heat, I’d say these were a 6 out of 10 on the spiciness scale.

I served these with the typical accoutrement of celery and bleu cheese dressing but also served cool, crisp simple wedge salads with bleu cheese dressing and it was just so perfectly perfect with the chicken! I can’t wait to make this meal again!

Hmmm… I wonder if Bi-Lo is still having that sale…

"Buffalo Feathers" are grilled chicken tenders sauced like wings (similar to Wild Wing Cafe's). This recipe for wing sauce has just enough brown sugar to balance the acidic pepper sauce without being cloyingly sweet and the soy sauce gives it another layer of flavor. I think I might have found my new favorite wing sauce recipe! FOR REAL! So good!

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May 11, 2015

Baked Meatballs with Mozzarella

I mentioned this before when I originally published my meatball recipe but I really, really don’t like the supermarket frozen meatballs. I hate the corky texture they have and they’re just so artificial tasting.

But they’re convenient. And it’s easy to be lured in to buying them.

So, here’s what I do! I make batches of my homemade meatballs, cook them up, plop them in a big o’ gallon-sized zip-top bag and throw them in the freezer. I can quickly make Swedish Meatballs, Crock Pot Meatball Subs, Spaghetti & Meatballs or this beauty any time I want.

My new favorite meatball meal is this one where the meatballs are baked in tangy marinara and topped with gobs of buttery, gooey mozzarella. I typically serve this with some sort of hearty green vegetable like roasted brussels sprouts or fried zucchini (instead of pasta) and some good crusty bread to soak up all that cheese and sauce.

So delicious!

Baked Meatballs with Mozzarella! Italian meatballs baked in tangy marinara and topped with gobs of buttery, gooey mozzarella.

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May 4, 2015

Chicken Cacciatore

We so grown.

That’s what Husband and I keep saying to each other these days. Like yesterday when I popped out back to clip some of the fresh herbs we actually grew. I walked by and said Oh, what’s that? Yeah, I’m just out here harvesting some of this basil I grew all by myself to use on this amazing chicken cacciatore I’m cooking. And Husband proudly said we so grown.

I look at us on the weekends now happily working on the house and yard, shuttling the kids to and from sports and activities and think man, we are so grown up now.

Our weekends used to be about sleeping in and going out and now we’re so… domestic. We get excited about perennials and little league. We’re like Will Ferrell in this scene from Old School.

And I get really excited about putting something like this on the table! The chicken stews in the tomato sauce and literally falls off the bone. It’s a perfect Sunday dinner because you can throw it in the oven (or crock pot!) and forget about it.

And go do something awesome like go to the dump. That’s our new “us time”. We load up his truck with the carnage of all our yard work and ride to the dump together with the windows rolled down listening to the hair band mix CD we bought at the gas station. Ahhh… good times. And p.s… I’m always so impressed with the amount of heavy limbs and debris he can muckle onto and heave around with his big ol’ muscles and strong self. I always stand back and think that’s right, y’all, look at that sexy man! He’s a beast! And he’s all mine! At the dump with Skid Row playing in the background.

We so grown.

Chicken Cacciatore! This recipe can be made in the oven or crock pot! The chicken just falls off the bone after it stews in the rich tomato sauce.
I tossed the pasta with the sauce and threw it all back in the pan to serve this family-style

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