Out Of This Word Baked Spaghetti - Weekend Potluck 361

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See! Remember what I was talking about a few weeks ago? About how I love the Weekend Potluck because that's where I find new, interesting recipes that genuinely pique my interest that I might have never known about because they aren't necessarily the big sexy hitters floating around on Pinterest?

Case in point: Cavanaugh’s Noodles! I don't know who Cavanaugh even is yet but I'm about to find out! And I'm probably going to cook his noodles too!

And can we all just take a minute to honor the perfection that is this plate of ribs? Lord, have mercy, those look good!

I couldn't fit it in this graphic but scroll down and check out the Seafood Pasta Salad! I'm filing that one under 'Why Didn't I Think of That?!'

If you've got a minute, you ought to pop over to last week's potluck and take a look. Just be sure to scroll down to see all the new recipes this week too!

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Cavanaugh’s Noodles by Cooking with Carlee

Seafood Pasta Salad by Julia’s Simply Southern

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The Country Cook ~ Brandie

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  1. Eeeeek! Thank you so much for featuring Cavanaugh's noodles! It was one of my mom's favorite meals growing up and such a comforting meal to us all still now! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  2. I love the Weekend Potluck and it is always an honor to have a featured recipe. Thank you!


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