10 Main Dishes Made with Rice

Easy supper recipes your family with love made with rice and simple ingredients you may already have on-hand!

These are strange times, my friend. Strange times. We are experiencing something none of us has gone through before as we navigate our lives amid the coronavirus outbreak.

I toggle between feeling that I'm overreacting and feeling that I might not be doing enough. Will people look back on things a few months from now and think now WHAT are we going to do with all this toilet paper? Or will we find ourselves wishing we had done more to prepare?

We are living in a time that will go down in history. I hope the annals will show that we rallied around those who needed us, we shared with and cared for our neighbors, we rose to the challenge and proved to be good citizens.

10 Main Dishes Made with Rice! Easy supper recipes your family with love made with rice and simple ingredients you may already have on-hand!

Planning for the worst, I stocked my pantry with things like canned tuna, rice, dried beans and canned vegetables. To the extent I could (because pickins is slim) I tried to stock the freezer with things that could stretch into soups and stews like whole chickens, ground beef and sausage.

And let me note that by stocking up I mean I only bought twice what I would normally buy (instead of one bag of rice, I bought two, etc). I understand the compulsion to hoard things but we can't do that. We must be better citizens than that. We have to think of our neighbors and make sure there's enough to go around.

Two things I've noticed that have gone quickly from the grocery stores are ground beef and rice. A few days ago, I posted a collection of recipes made with ground beef. Today I'm sharing with you my family's favorite rice dishes!

I hope you may be able to put some of these to good use!

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