12 Summertime Strawberry Recipes

I’ve got strawberries coming out of my ears! This is that time of year folks are buying strawberries by the bucket or bringing them in by the bushel from their gardens and when that happens, it seems like everybody that comes by to visit comes with an armful of strawberries for me. And I LOVE it!

I spent some time looking for recipes to make with all these strawberries and thought I’d share my Top 12 favorites with you.

PS…. If anyone has a recipe for a strawberry layer cake with pecan in the frosting, I’m looking for it! I remember eating it growing up but can’t find the recipe!

THAT Strawberry Cake by Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate

Strawberry Lemon Lush by Southern Bite

Strawberries & Cream Cake by South Your Mouth

Roasted Strawberries from Syrup & Biscuits

Easy Strawberry Crisp by Julie’s Eats & Treats

Summertime Strawberry Pie from Mommy’s Kitchen

Strawberry Triple Layer Cake from Gonna Want Seconds

The Top 12 Strawberry Recipes for Summer!


  1. Oh man! All of these look delicious! I need some strawberry cake in my life!


  2. Strawberry recipes are the best! I tried most of these already, and they're all so delicious! Super excited to try the triple layer cake next!


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