Nailed It

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

And I'm REALLY good at that.

Fortunately for me, so are my friends.  It makes life suck so much less.

One of my neighbors gave these kits out to all the mommies on our street.  This is from the photos my friend Katy sent me when she and her daughter were done.  Her only comment was, "Nailed it."

P.S.... she did better than my brood... we only ended up with two houses.  And a pond.


  1. I know, I know, it's March 2012, but I just found your blog and while reading the "Random Crap" came across this!!
    I'm still laughing/choking on my hot tea! Holy (wait this comment could be blasphemous!)...scrap that idea...
    This has to be the funniest thing I have seen in ages...
    Just so glad there is another Southerner on the internet...I "got" moved to Oregon 5 years ago from Atlanta when my husband retired...culture here means Birkie and elk burgers!
    Love, love your blog and oh, by the way, your hair is the greatest!

    1. You have officially just made my MONTH! You had me at 'blasphemous' but then you went and complimented my hair! Shut up! We're totally best friends now!

  2. I means "Birkies" and elk burgers...they don't combine them into "Birkie and elk burgers"...as much as I hate typos I still create them!

  3. Funniest thing EVER!!! I'm weeping! I discovered your blog recently on Pinterest and I have a pork tenderloin marinating right now for tonight's dinner. The photo had my mouth watering and I know it's gonna be yummy. I'm pinning your recipes right and left and this random crap is my favorite. I'm a southern girl, too, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, currently residing in Richmond, VA, the fake south. I love Virginia, but how can they call themselves southern when they don't "do" boiled peanuts, sweet tea or grits and you can NOT find crowder peas. My husband's family always come to our house and eat themselves silly cause they are finally getting food with some flavor. Bacon grease, salt, fatback, REAL butter, buttermilk. Can't cook without 'em!

  4. I just found your blog...I am literally laughing out loud at this one...while my students are all looking at me like I have lost my ever-lovin'-mind as they are trying to take a test.... My kiddos and I try making one of these every year and eventually just give up and eat the candy and icing...it is a win-win. :)

    Peace, love, peaches, and sweet tea :)

  5. This is soooo funny....I am cryin because I am laughing so hard.


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