November 10, 2011

Tuna Casserole

Through a series of unrelated and bizarre (even for my brood) events, the supper plans I had last night were waylaid and I had to stressfully scram to pull dinner out of my ear with scant resources. Doing a quick inventory in my head, I decided I had what was needed to throw a tuna casserole together.

When I took it out of the oven, I had to smile to myself because – lowly creature that she is – she sho was purty. I quickly grabbed my camera to snap a shot about the same time that Husband comes walking in and says the following:

Husband: What stinks?

Me: Shut your face you ungrateful... It’s a tuna casserole.

Husband: Blech.

Me: You like tuna casserole. Hush before the kids hear you and I have to throttle one of them for making that ‘blech’ sound at my cooking.

Husband: I thought we were having spaghetti. I want spaghetti. Can’t you just grab a jar and…

Me [holding a 6-inch filet knife and suddenly on the verge of tears]: I'VE WORKED ALL DAY! I fed the kids breakfast, I got them dressed, I took them to school and somehow managed to get to work on time. Then I spent nine hours at a job where I'm unappreciated and underpaid. Then I picked everybody up from daycare, I took them to practice, I helped them through their homework and now I’m just trying to feed you people so I. Can. Do. It. All. Again. Tomorrow.

Husband: Um, why are you taking a picture of it?

Me: I’m not now.

Husband: Why are you holding the camera?

Me: Forget it.

Husband: Can I be in the picture?

Me: Wha???

And then I thought I was going to cry because the kids heard us laughing and wanted to get in on the fun so they wanted to have their picture taken with it too.

Tuna Casserole
3 5-oz. cans of tuna, well drained (feel free to use chicken)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
Pinch of salt
2 tablespoons milk
2-3 boiled eggs, chopped
4 cups cooked egg noodles
Cooking spray
4 cups 1-inch bread cubes
3-4 tablespoons melted butter
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt

Add tuna, mushroom soup, salt and milk in a medium bowl and stir until combined. Fold in boiled eggs and egg noodles.

Spray the inside of a medium casserole dish with cooking spray. Fold tuna mixture into casserole dish.

Toss bread cubes with melted butter and garlic salt. Top tuna mixture with bread cubes. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until bread cubes are golden brown.

Easily double this recipe and cook in a 13x9 casserole dish if desired.


UPDATE:  Here's a better picture I took recently.  I still haven't managed to remember to take a picture of the inside, though :)

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  1. Funny story :) I'm sure it wasn't so funny as it was happening tho! Too Bad the Facebook Spies are like aliens and men(lol)... they don't understand. In a chat session I made a comment "he was laughing so hard he had to crawl on the floor to find his dentures" LOL NOW I have Denture Ads!! I have dating sites ads with 20 yr old "senior citizens" looking for a woman HAHA

  2. I love your back stories and recipes!

  3. You are, absolutely the most hilarious blogger out there, bar none. I chuckle every time I read your stuff (and I've pinned a bunch of your recipes, too.) Keep it comin'!

  4. My Mom makes this and uses biscuits on top! You should try it! Juli :)

  5. I love adding some frozen veggies to my tuna casserole! just glad my fiancé doesn't blech usually just stomachs whatever my creation is lol I love your site btw!!

  6. this looks delish! I am new to your site, but after browsing I knew I had to order your cookbook. It will be here tomorrow, yay! And now I have to browse every single day so I can catch up

  7. It looks like it would be a delish dinner! :-)-I love your story!


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