Hey Y'all! - My top 7 all-time FAVORITE chili recipes

My top 7 all-time FAVORITE chili recipes PLUS my weekly meal plan, some SCRUMPTIOUS new recipes and more in this issue of Hey Y'all! Newsletter


There's nothing like a bowl of chili to warm you when it's COLD outside!

I'm about to lose my mind and I bet y'all are too.

Things that made me ugly-laugh or otherwise occupied my attention, mind or heart this week.

Recipes (not my own) I came across this week that REALLY caught my eye.

My weeknight meal plan for feeding my busy family and how I've been making it LOW CARB for myself. Because we all need ideas. And yes, we eat fish sticks too.


I can't even say which is my favorite! I love them all for different reasons! From crock pot recipes to chicken to traditional, these are the recipes I make time and time again 😊

My top 7 all-time FAVORITE chili recipes

BIG BATCH Beef & Bean Chili
Ranch Chicken Chili
Slow Cooker Chicken Chili
Chili Mac
Buffalo Chicken Chili
White Chicken Chili
Really Easy Crock Pot Chili


Things that made me ugly-laugh or otherwise occupied my attention, mind or heart this week.

  • I heard this the other day and just about cried. It’s about two decades off for us, but this song SO reminds me of my friends, Jennifer (the pretty one), Colleen (the smart one) and me (the borderline fool).

We were three little girls from school.
One was pretty, one was smart
And one was a borderline fool.
Well she's still good lookin'
That woman hadn't slipped a bit.
The smart one used her head
She made her fortune.
And me, I cross the border every chance I get.

We were the girls of the 50's.
Stoned rock and rollers in the 60's.
And more than our names got changed
As the 70's slipped on by.
Now we're 80's ladies.
There ain't been much these ladies ain't tried.

We've been educated.
We got liberated.
And had complicating matters with men.
Oh, we've said "I do"
And we've signed "I don't"
And we've sworn we'd never do that again.
Oh, we burned our bras, 
And we burned our dinners
And we burned our candles at both ends.
And we've got some children 
Who look just like the way we did back then.

Oh, but we're all grown up now.
All grown up, but none of us could tell you quite how.

  • And it must have been my week for classic country (it’s my favorite, I can’t lie) because I heard this one too and thought y’all might like to hear it. I bet you can't listen to it without singing along 😊 

  • I don’t know what made me think of this but I got tickled thinking what a contrast there is in the way Husband’s (Canadian) family pronounces our last name. They pronounce it exactly the way it’s spelled: Rivers. My family pronounces is more like Rihvahs. I bet if my daddy went to Husband’s hometown and asked if anybody knew any of the Rihvahs family they’d all just stare at him like he had six heads. 
  • A notification popped up on my new phone that read: "It looks like you go to bed at 8:44 p.m. Would you like to set a reminder for that?" 😐 Gah-lee y'all, I'm a stone-cold gangsta.


I'm about to lose my mind and I bet y'all are too.

If you follow along on the Facebook page you’ll likely have seen some conversation about a VERY FRUSTRATING issue I’m dealing with on my site. I want to take a minute and explain what’s happening so you’ll have a better understanding.

OK, first some quick background info… I make my site absolutely free to everyone who wants to use it. I wish I could do that at no cost to myself, but there’s just no way. I have expenses with running the site so to offset those (and maybe put a few extra dollars in my pocket to buy stuff like tires, baseball bats, groceries and braces) I have ads on my site. So does every other recipe website on the planet. Because I’m not a fulltime blogger (I have a 40-hr a week day job too), I outsource the management of those ads to a service.

I’m not 100% sure how this works (if I did, I wouldn’t need to pay someone to manage it) but sometimes extremely annoying ads called “redirects” weasel into the lineup. These are those popups that take over your screen and are very hard to get around or close out of. They’ll often say things like you have a virus or you won something.

Hey Y'all! Newsletter

In a perfect world, the service I use should be able to get to the bottom of things and get those pesky critters out of our hair. In my world, my service has still not been able to solve the problem for us. I say us because this is my problem but it affects you. And y’all are the most important part of all of this. If you weren’t here reading it, there would be no point in having it. You have given me SO MUCH JOY over the years with your comments, emails and when I get to meet you.

OK, so, back to the story... I won’t go into all the gory details but I can tell you I have been fighting this fight since October and things still aren’t fixed. Last week I took the very painful step of ending my relationship with my ad service and finding a new one. It’s not quite as simple as flipping a switch but things SHOULD be right as rain by this time next week.

I just wanted to let you know help is on the way and that I haven’t been ignoring the problem. I’ve gotten some pretty nasty feedback in social media from folks about all of this. Though I’ve tried my best to explain the situation, the internet oftentimes empowers people to be pretty stinking hateful.

The good news is, along with getting rid of those butthole redirects, my new company is going to set things up in a MUCH better way. There will be fewer ads altogether and things will be easier to navigate through. Holla!

Thanks for being here. I love y’all!


Recipes (not my own) I came across this week that REALLY caught my eye.

Coconut Pecan Chess Pie from Plain Chicken

Coconut Pecan Chess Pie from Plain Chicken
I love a simple buttermilk chess pie but, Lord, I never thought to add coconut and pecans! This looks incredible! It’s even got the cornmeal in it like it’s supposed to! LOVE IT!

Creamy Garlic Chicken from Rasa Malaysia

Creamy Garlic Chicken from Rasa Malaysia
I love chicken thighs. Seriously, everyone shies away from them but they are SO much better than breasts in recipes like this! I’m putting this recipe on my bucket list! PS… if you remember my Drunken Chicken with 40-leven Cloves of Garlic, THIS is what it looked like before I let it set out long before taking pictures.

Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bars by The Gunny Sack

Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bars by The Gunny Sack
This is brilliant! All the goodness of truffles without rolling them all out and dipping each in chocolate (or however you like yours coated). I haven’t made them, but this recipe looks SOLID. Saving it for later for sure!


My weeknight meal plan for feeding my busy family. Because we all need ideas.
And yes, we eat fish sticks too. 

Salmon Patties 
Stewed tomatoes
I don’t have an actual recipe for stewed tomatoes but I can tell you how I make mine. I sauté some diced onion in bacon grease in a skillet until soft then add a can of diced tomatoes (with juice). Using the back of the fork, I smash the tomatoes a good bit. I season everything with salt, pepper and a little sugar and let it cook until reduced and thick enough to act like a gravy (about 10-15 minutes).

(I’m eating low-carb so I had some blackened salmon I found in the frozen section at the grocery store and leftover roasted broccoli.)

Salmon Patties

Don’t judge me!

(I had the chicken bacon ranch salad which is actually pretty amazing for a fast-food salad. It’s not on the menu anymore but they still make it. If you’re doing low-carb, DO NOT eat their ranch dressing as it is chocked full of sugar {weird, right?}. I just used my own when we got home to eat.)

Egg Roll Stir Fry 

Marinated, broiled sirloin (cut into thin strips to serve)
Quick & Easy Asparagus
Tossed salad
For the marinade, I mix 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup worcestershire, 2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp of pepper and a pinch of thyme then let the steak marinate all day while I’m at work.

Shrimp alfredo
Leftover asparagus

(I’ll have my shrimp and alfredo sauce with spaghetti squash)

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  1. Just because you're low carb doesn't mean you can't have salmon patties! This is my recipe: http://screwedonstraight.net/simple-salmon-patties/, which uses this breading: http://screwedonstraight.net/3-2-1-keto-breading/. My husband (also Canadian) and I eat them frequently. They're a Southern staple!! Get you some!!!

  2. Chili recipes look really good but its the music I really enjoyed!
    Thank you,

  3. A reminder in my phone to go to bed would be annoying and I'd probably already be asleep when it notified me anyway. Love the chili recipes.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

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