October 10, 2012

Lemon Garlic Chicken with Buttered Parmesan Noodles

I had this great idea for an easy, baked chicken scampi with angel hair pasta for a weeknight supper recipe. Since Tuesdays are the only night of the week the onions don’t have practice and yesterday was a Tuesday, I was going to test out my idea. Oh, happy day!

I starting grabbing ingredients and realized I was out of white wine. Then I realized I was out of angel hair (and spaghetti and linguine and every other type of long pasta). Dang it.

So, I went in to MacGyver mode and switched gears. MacRivers came up with some egg noodles and parmesan. Not quite what I had in mind, but it could work. I reduced the amount of lemon I’d planned on using and upped the butter and came up with this super easy, super quick weeknight supper recipe.

Lemon Garlic Chicken with Buttered Parmesan Noodles
1 lb. chicken tenderloins
8 tablespoons salted butter
1 tablespoon minced garlic
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon parsley
4-6 cups cooked egg noodles
3 tablespoons parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  While oven is preheating, add butter to a 13x9 baking dish and place in the oven to melt.  When oven is at temperature, remove pan and stir garlic into melted butter.

Add chicken tenderloins to garlic and butter, toss to coat, then arrange in a single layer in pan.  Season chicken with salt then bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  Remove pan from oven.  Baste chicken with garlic butter then drizzle lemon juice and sprinkle parsley over chicken.  Return to oven and continue baking for 10 minutes.

Remove pan from oven.  Remove chicken pieces from pan and set aside.  Add cooked egg noodles and parmesan to pan, toss to coat in garlic butter then serve with chicken.



  1. Hey Mandy! This is a featured recipe over at Weekend Potluck today! Come on over and link up some more recipes. Ya know we always love having ya! ;)

  2. I made this last night. It reminds me of a Chicken Piccata without capers! It was very yummy! I moved it to my Yummy board on Pinterest and it is getting repinned like crazy! I have many more of your recipes pinned and can't wait to try them!
    Melissa Sorensen

  3. We also added asparagus! I think it would be great to add artichokes too!
    Melissa Sorensen

  4. I didn't really care for this .. Kinda bland! Thanks for the recipe though! :)

  5. I googled recipes for chicken strips because I don't usually make them. I found this one and decided it was simple enough. My family loved it! Even my picky eater loved it! The comment above said that this recipe is "kinda bland", but I disagree. It had plenty of seasoning to make it delicious. Maybe that person didn't put enough seasoning. Anyway, thank you for the recipe. It is definitely a keeper!

  6. I thought about trying this recipe but it looked complicated so I just ordered it form restaurant. Result was a solid and taste is like wow. Chinese and Indian restaurant


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