Be With the Friends Who Are Here

So, you know how I’m addicted to Pinterest?  Well, I saw this there a week or so ago and fell in love.

photo by Brené Brown

Maybe I’m too old to have latched on to the texting addiction everyone under 30 seems to be afflicted with.  Because being addicted to Pinterest is sooooo normal? But one of my pet peeves is how everyone throws their social graces out the window when it comes to texting.

One of my best hookers (yes, you Catlin) is a total crack head with her phone.  I have literally confiscated it from her on several occasions.

There is nothing more disrespectful and frustrating than to be mid-sentence in a conversation with someone and look up to see they are diddling with their phone and not paying you a lick of attention (and I require a LOT of attention).  So then you have to start your conversation over.  And you know the heifer still isn’t listening to you because she’s processing her thoughts about the text she just sent/received and anticipating the next.

So, anyway, I liked the idea about the phone basket and, me being me, had to dress it up a little.  I made this and thought I would share it with you.  Just copy/paste it, print it onto your favorite card stock and tie it to a basket with pretty ribbon for your next party.

If you think I’m being silly about this, text me.

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  1. I am throwing a Girls night in next week and am totally doing this!!!

    1. Awesome! I haven't had a chance to do this yet. Let me know how it turns out! And take a picture for me if you can!

  2. This makes me so twitchy! There were two of us at lunch, TWO, and while talking I looked up and she was having a texting conversation... I sent her a text that read "Hello Bi-otch, what's up?". She actually texted me back before she realized it and then tried to get mad, but burst out laughing. I have finally gotten most of my friends to curtail it. Don't get me started on movies... I love your blog, it just tickles me to no end. It reminds me of me and my girlfriends. Have a wonderful day! (Sorry about the book)

  3. OMG I love this! My sister & her family r the worst about this. My daddy gets so aggrevated when they visit because they r always checking their phones while he's trying to talk or wait til a movie is playing & start talking. Anyway, glad we're not alone in feeling annoyed with texting.

  4. You Rock! Throw them things in the creek.


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