December 30, 2011

Cajun Ham and Bean Soup

My family has been making this for years.  My dad found a Cajun variety of 15-Bean Soup Mix that takes dried beans and ham to a whole new level.  But it's really hard to find.  And if I have a hard time finding it in South Carolina then I'm sure the rest of you will find it damned near impossible.

When I can't find it (which is more often than not) I just use the regular Ham Flavored 15-Bean Soup Mix and add spices.  Just use whatever you can find and use the seasoning packet that comes with it (if it doesn't come with a seasoning packet, increase the salt by 3/4 teaspoon).

Cajun Ham & Bean Soup
1 ham bone
2 cups chopped ham
1 package 15 Bean Soup Mix*
8 cups water
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon salt**
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 bay leaf

Add ham bone (not ham), soup mix (with seasoning packet), water and remaining ingredients to a large soup pot or Dutch oven.  Bring to a boil then reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer for 4 hours.

Remove ham bone.  Trim away all the meat from the joint and bone and add back to the soup pot; give the bone to your dog.  Add the additional 2 cups chopped ham and stir well to incorporate.  Cover and continue cooking on low for 2-3 hours or until beans are tender.

I like to serve mine over white rice (how to cook Perfect Rice Every Time).


*use either the ham flavored or plain 15-bean soup mix (if your mix doesn't come with a seasoning packet, add 3/4 teaspoon salt).  If you do find the Cajun variety, disregard the spices and seasonings in this recipe and go with the packet - salting to taste.

**I only ever serve this over rice so I make it on the salty side (since the rice is bland).  If you plan on eating this sans the rice you may want to reduce the salt a bit.  How salty your ham is plays a roll in this too.  Start with 1/2 teaspoon then salt to taste when it's completely done cooking (you will draw salt from the ham the entire time you're cooking).  I hope that makes sense!


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Mindy said...

Is there something else you can use instead of the soup mix package or what store do you get yours at? I cant find any at my local wally and I want to make this SO bad!!!

Elizabeth Dodds said...

I forgot to come back to this recipe and followed the recipe on the back of the soup mix. We have this at our local HEB, it has been in my pantry forever.
I soaked my beans overnight and simmered most of the day but my beans just don't seem soft enough. I have the ham in now...thinking our dinner will be postponed at least another hour. Good thing it's early!

South Your Mouth said...

Mindy, I'm so sorry I didn't respond sooner! I'm just seeing your comment. You can use ANY dried beans. We always used dried butter beans until Dad discovered the 15-bean cajun mix. Hope you'll give it a try!

South Your Mouth said...

Dang, you soaked them all night and simmered all day and they're STILL not tender??? I never even soak mine first. I hope they turned out all right!

Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

Mandy - The house smelled amazing while this soup was simmering, I was so excited for it to be done and I was not disappointed! The spice blend was perfection.

Anonymous said...

I find the Cajun 15 bean soup mix at Publix, in Florida

Anonymous said...

I use the 15 count Bean Soup mix also. I found them at the Dollar General store first, then saw they were sold in Walmarts and Winn Dixies, here in Louisiana.

Julia from Ontario :) said...

Whoa, that's a long cooking time. I'm glad I have a pressure cooker to do this in less then half the time :)

Julia from Ontario :) said...

Made this in my pressure cooker (InstaPot.. LOVE IT!) in 40 minutes. Beans were very tender and the depth of flavour is great. I did do half the cayenne pepper though, since I have a wimpy teenager. Delicious!

South Your Mouth said...

Somehow, I just KNEW you'd love it! Maybe because my MIL, who lives in Ontario, loves it too. And I do mean she LOVES IT. I always try to make it for her when she comes down to visit and more often than not, you can find her with a coffee mug full of it. She just pops in the fridge, grabs a ladle fun and microwaves it. Glad you liked it!

KHilde said...

This looks AMAZING!!!! I love love love ham and beans!! I grew up eating them in Oklahoma. We make the 15 bean soup as per the directions all the time but this looks like a wonderful twist! I just bought the Cajun 15 bean bag just the other day so me finding this recipe just seems like a wonderful omen to me:) Can't wait to try this recipe!!!!

Lesa said...

I am new to your site. I am loving it so far. I love bean soup. My step dad used to make it quite often, I miss his soup so much. My husband loves ham. Here's my plan; I will bake a ham, using your Coca-Cola Glazed Ham recipe, then after a couple breakfasts I am making this soup. It looks & sounds so good.

Mandy Rivers - South Your Mouth said...

YESSS!! Now, that sounds like an excellent plan to me!

LeeAnn Borrel said...

Do you think it can be done in the crock pot? What adjustments should I make if I do it in the crock pot? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the Cajun 15-bean mix at Walmart here in Missouri. Might try there.

Anonymous said...

I love bean soup but it doesn't love me!! is there something I could add to make it not be so rough on my stomach?

linda spruell said...

i usually add a little bit of baking soda. does not change the flavor, but will make a little salty if you use too much.

Anonymous said...

Soaking your beans and draining them several times before cooking will help to remove some of the gas producers, and I agree with Linda as far as adding a little baking soda.

Cathy Creveling said...

This is the best soup ever!!

Mandy Rivers said...


Leaetta Kuehn said...

do you think I would be able to can this? I have 5 lbs of 15 beans from the local Amish store LOL Thank you so much!

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